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Habits are Dead, Long Live Rituals!

March 8, 2022

Hello, I'm tabitha
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Habits are Dead, 
Long Live Rituals!
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Habits are dead, long live rituals!

That’s a pretty clickbaity title, huh? 😈
But also, factually very true.

80% of NY Resolutions/ New Habits have been abandoned by February.
And here we are in March, so you do the math. 

And tell me friend… how are your new habits holding up?

I’ll be honest- the few new habits I’m working to install are having a little engine trouble. Sputtering, if you will. Is that the vibe of 2022? 😬
I certainly hope not.

But there’s no denying that 2022 just got off to a…weird start.

I’m not beating myself up over it though, and you shouldn’t either.
We’re entering our third year of a global pandemic, and friend, you’ve probably pivoted, and pivoted, and pivoted again.

So take a moment and pat yourself on the back b/c you’re f#$&ing amazing.

It’s all exhausting.

And as a human who usually loves a good NYR, I can’t help but wonder if habits are even more difficult this year, because the future is still even more uncertain than usual. 

Here’s what’s working for me now: instead of focusing on new habits, I’m focusing on tiny rituals. 

It’s a slight, but very important difference. 

According to Merriam Webster, one definition of a ritual is:
an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner

Okay, okay, sounds a lot like a habit, I hear ya.

The main difference, and it’s an important one, is intention. 

Successful habits become automatic and you don’t think about them.
Rituals, on the other hand, require awareness & attention to the present moment.

According to Psychology Today, 

One of the most important features of rituals is that they do not only mark time; they create time. By defining beginnings and ends to developmental or social phases, rituals structure our social worlds and how we understand time, relationships, and change.

In these uncertain times, 
rituals provide a sense of control.

And they give us the power to create time. 
Whoa, that’s magic.

So while there is no denying that great habits work for us in the future, right here, right now, in this 3rd year of pandemic limbo, rituals have the power to give us purpose in our present moment.

They can reduce anxiety, improve performance, enhance confidence, and enable us to enjoy our experiences more. 

Here are a few of my tiny rituals:

  • My morning coffee
  • Lining up my crystals on my desk, and setting my intentions before I begin working
  • Morning pages (maybe this is a hybrid habit/ritual?)
  • Celebration List to end my workday

Do you have any tiny rituals to help mark certain moments or bring meaning to your day? Hit reply and tell me! 

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