Create Before You Catch Up

October 26, 2022

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Do you feel like you are always playing catch up- in business, life, or both? And here’s the million dollar question…have you ever actually “caught up?”

Not sure what the soundtrack is like where you’re sitting…but over here, there’s a very healthy cricket orchestra. 

I’ve never “caught up.”

There’s always another list.
Another task.
Another idea.
Another inquiry.
Another event. 
Another email.
And another damn dish in the sink.

You too?

Of course I’m grateful for the abundance, the interest, the work, my overactive imagination, all of it…

But let me be honest about what gets done when business gets too busy, and what goes on the backburner…and then into the deep freeze.

My client work gets done. 

But just about everything else grinds to a halt.
Things like:

Creating just for fun, for the sake of creating
Creating new revenue streams
Creating more meaningful (and profitable!) ways for my employees to be part of the business
Creating these emails 
Creating beautiful healthy meals
Creating time for myself
Creating time to spend with my partner
And so on.

Events are often an all-hands on deck situation. 
(especially the BIG last-minute ones lately!)

And then it’s time to catch my breath again. 
To “catch-up.”

To chip away at my inbox, clean my entire house, and revive all my neglected house plants.

Sound familiar?

Sure- I can (and do) delegate many of the things on my list, 
but I haven’t figured out how to delegate that mustcatchupasquicklyaspossible feeling just yet.

Being behind is a mindset as much as it is a reality.

And if you’re a newer creative, biz owner or solopreneur, you may not be in position to delegate any of it just yet.

Instagram makes it all look so easy, effortless even.

So know this- if you’re overwhelmed, you’re not alone. 
When the to-do list gets too long,
creating feels counterintuitive.

For me, it feels like I’m making more work for myself,
And ignoring the “work” I already have to do.
It feels like it will put me further behind. 

But that feeling just isn’t true.

Fellow creatives, I want to encourage you to do something radical this week:  

Create before you catch up. 

That’s it. Step off the hamster wheel and release the feeling of “always being behind” or “needing to catch up.”

Create before you catch up.

It feels counterintuitive AF AND it’s the best way I know to move forward, and actually accomplish all those things on that neverending list.

And not just “all those things,” 

the important things.

I can’t win my day if I have a belief in place that I need to catch up before I create. And when I’m prioritizing from that place, I’m usually prioritizing all the wrong things.

So while I may not know how to delegate that feeling, I do know what to do when it slides in to tell me that I just need to get a little more caught up before I do those important things…

1. Accept that you will never catch up, so slow down. 

Again, counterintuitive AF. Go ahead. Really sit with that feeling. What is it? Fear? Disappointment? Joy? Relief? Something else? Where do you feel it in your body? Get quiet and really sit with the feelings that come up for a few moments. 

Then take 3 deep breaths. On your first breath- breathe in space. Let it loosen you up.  Breathe out expectations. It’s okay to relax. On your next breath- breathe in possibility. Feel a tingle of excitement. Breathe out limitations. You have time to create here.  On your final breath- breathe in freedom- really feel the aliveness of it in your body, the buzz of great ideas brewing. Now, breathe out creativity. Imagine your breath carrying your creations out into the world.

2. Creativity Compounds

You’ve heard of compound interest right?
You invest money today and then you earn interest on that money AND on the interest you earn.

Over time- this means BIG returns on your investment.

You just need a little patience.
And you need to start now, because creativity compounds too. 

It creates more creativity, that creates income, that creates more opportunities, that creates more connections, that brings about collaborations, that creates community, and round it goes. 

Creativity is expansive & generative & cyclical.
But you need to start now. 
Not someday.
And certainly not once you feel “ready” or are finally caught up.  

3. Give yourself permission to create before you complete.

Go ahead. 
Give yourself permission to create.
Make something before you get mired down in the muck of whatyoumustdotoday. 

Make some art
a beautiful meal
a new offer
a proposal
an invoice
a phone call
a connection
even an email. 😏

There are so many ways to create once you give yourself permission.

Prioritize your creativity today and let creation be your action, instead of a reaction or an afterthought.

What will you bring into existence today?

Today I will create __________________.

Drop me an email or slide into my DMs and let me know what magic you’re bringing into the world today AND what kind of support you need to get it done! 🙂

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